6-Figure Fast Track Workshop

An EXCLUSIVE workshop for ambitious service-based business owners who want to reach 100K turnover

11 February 2021

9:30am-12:30pm Workshop

1:30pm-2:30pm Live Q&A


It's never been tougher for small service-based businesses, however we don't need to be unnecessarily held back by current circumstances.

There's so much we can do in order to continue the growth of our businesses, and that’s where

this workshop will help you.

By the end of this day you will have discovered:  

  • • 8 traits you need to win regardless of the climate
  • • 3 things to take you to 6-figures and beyond
  • • 1 simple thing to leap ahead of your competition and set yourself up for massive success
  • • Learn if your business is 6-figure ready and what you can do if it’s not
  • • What activities you can stop or drop NOW so you can focus on FAST GROWTH

We charge £10 for this day, which we will match fund and donate entirely to the West Berks Food Bank.

  • • We always deliver value and content you can implement straight away.
  • • We want to know you’re serious about growth.
  • • We want the right calibre of person in the room so you can network with other like-minded businesses.
  • • We want you to show up.


 If you are ready to take your business to £100k or more, join us!

Hear from some of our members who attended this workshop who we are now working with

Eliott Frisby

Founder of Monkeynut Entertainment

"George was what I would class as the perfect mentor for someone like myself. He is a mix of 2 people I admire, Rob Moore and Dan Meredith.

He says it like it is (another trait I appreciate) and it’s quite clear that, unlike other mentors, he has relevant content and education which exceeds my own knowledge and I have no doubt that Monkeynut Audiobooks, as well as the other areas of the Monkeynut brand, will benefit from BBB. "

"I loved the day from start to finish. There was a great group of likeminded people and George certainly delivered. His presentation was full of energy and he came across as thoroughly authentic. The content challenged the way I had been thinking about my business and reset the way I could see me moving forwards.  

I had not expected to gain so much from the hours we spent but George’s knowledge, experience and desire to see us all succeed was so motivating and enjoyable.  "

Lesley Beattie 

 Your Organisational Angel

Gail Watson

Director / Freelance Event Management Specialist at Elementary Events

"I am not ashamed to admit I was sceptical about attending the workshop. It was a pretty bold statement ‘help me achieve £10K a month consistent revenue’ but I was wrong!

George takes no prisoners but also talks sense. I felt comfortable as soon as he started speaking. The content is straight to the point and just makes sense! " 

"I've been with BBB for 6 months now and it's had a huge impact. The community they've created is one of real support and I've met people who I now can't imagine not knowing for the considerable future. The close nature of the mastermind groups mean you build really strong relationships and feel comfortable bringing any issue. 

The culture that George and Tracey have cultivated is second to none - and while they're not afraid to challenge you - it's all hugely enjoyable. 

There's also a tonne of content available that's all great as well. 

Highly recommended, just wish I'd joined sooner."  

Dave Plunkett

Partnership Expert Founder Lumilona

Natalie Chappell  

LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert Founder of Zest for Media 

Natalie Chappell - Success Groups Plus

"I joined BBB back in October 2018 when I hit rock bottom. Extremely tough personal circumstances and life events over that year had meant that I was in a position where I felt stuck, deflated and completely unmotivated. 

With only two clients turning over barely a thousand pounds a month no confidence and no idea how to turn it around, I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. After one particularly bad day, I plucked up the courage to finally say no more and vow to commit to whatever it took to get out of the pit. I picked up the phone and called Tracey.  

That phone call was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The investment in BBB terrified me at the time. But I knew if I poured my absolute all into everything BBB had to offer, I could draw myself out of the pit and make that money back again, and then some, but most importantly I would feel better about myself, which I have learned is the ultimate key to success. Your confidence and your self esteem really are the heart, the key to you becoming a successful business owner.  

In November, I was up to £4,000 a month turnover. And now in month seven, I'm consistently turning over £7,500 per month and having to turn away work and take on staff. I'm aiming to hit £10,000 in month 10 and I simply would not be where I am if it wasn't for BBB. "  

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • • Frustrated that your business isn't moving forward at the pace you’d hoped? 
  • • Not bringing enough cash in? 
  • • Feeling the doubts and the fears creep in? 
  • • Sometimes doubt you should even be running your business? 
  • • Procrastinating and getting distracted? 
  • • Overwhelmed? 
  • • Lonely and isolated?  

Take a break from the “shit storm” out there and join us for a high value workshop that will motivate, inspire and excite you about what’s possible for you.

If you are ready to take your business to £100k or more, join us!

About us

For 10 years, George and Tracey have been working with individuals to overcome their own self-imposed limitations and make the best of themselves. 

They have been running Masterminds, group coaching and clubs for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners, and have directly mentored over 400 five, six and seven figure businesses in personal performance and business success. 

They have a passion for business owners actually making money and in 2019 mentored 80 business owners to achieve 20,000 short and long-term goals with many businesses doubling, trebling and even quadrupling turnover.