Extreme Growth Mastermind Discovery Day

This EXCLUSIVE Mastermind Discovery Day is for ambitious service-based business owners currently achieving a minimum of £100k turnover and are committed to scaling their business for growth over the next 12 months!  

23 February 2021



Is This You?

  • • You are a service-based business owner currently turning over at least £100k  
  • • You are committed to scaling for extreme growth - even if you don't yet know how   
  • • You understand that to navigate the ever-changing and uncertain future you are going to need support and would like to know what being part of a strong, supportive, inspirational community of likeminded business owners could do for you 
  • • You are looking for an injection of innovation and implementation to capitalize on the growth opportunities in the current market  
  • • You are keen to see what you’re really capable of achieving in the right environment  
  • • You're open to learning, developing and evolving as a business owner

We charge £20 for this day, which we will match fund and donate entirely to the West Berks Food Bank

• We always deliver value and content you can implement straight away

• We want to know you’re serious about growth

• We want the right calibre of person in the room so you can network with other like-minded businesses

• We want you to show up


By the end of the day you will have discovered

  • • How leveraging the skills, knowledge and experience of other business owners can dramatically change your chances of survival and success in the current climate 
  • • How belonging to a supportive group that holds you accountable statistically increases the probability of you achieving your goals
  • • How to ask the right questions and get the answers that will actually help you move forward
  • • A genuine sense of what's possible for you and your business 
  • • Connections to other driven and focused business owners, just like you 

Hear from some of our members who attended this workshop who we are now working with

Shahida Afzal

Shahida Afzal

Lead Generation Expert

Trifle Solutions

My business has flourished since being a member, there are things I have managed to achieve that I simply could not of on my own and BBB have most definitely been a catalyst for that.

Can not recommend BBB enough, if you are serious about growing your business, there is not another community out there that will make you and your business shine better!

Rob Goddard

Rob Goddard

CEO and Founder

Evolution Complete Business Sales

Evolution does 3 things: it helps clients grow, buy and sell businesses.  

Rob has been a member of BBB Mastermind for over 8 years. “It’s my day off from running the business and it’s sacrosanct for me. It’s my time to reflect, think, review and decide what I’m going to do and then plan my year, quarter and month out accordingly.  

“I reviewed other Mastermind Groups before I joined BBB and couldn’t find the credibility I was looking for, but I did find it in George Swift. He’s a master at Mindset, Attitude, Behaviour and Culture and he participates fully in the Mastermind sessions providing valuable insight, tools and techniques to challenge your thinking, break past your own perceived limitations and expand potential. He’s honest and authentic and invites you to be the same. It’s very refreshing.  

BBB Mastermind is a creative forum for ideas and innovation and importantly for implementation and accountability. To give just a couple of examples, I have recently launched in Dubai which has generated 6-figures in fees in a month. I wouldn’t have considered foreign opportunities if it hadn’t been for Mastermind. Also, the idea for an online business valuation tool came from the group and is now active on the website, successfully acting as a gateway for generating business.

If you’re ambitious and you want to grow, you need to know there is so much more available for you. Dare to be different and take a serious look at BBB Mastermind. It’s a game-changer! "  

Carolyne Wahlen

Carolyne Wahlen

Employment Law Expert

Director at HR Golf

I have been working with George and Tracey since February 2012 and wouldn't be without them and the group!

My bookkeeper kept trying to "save" me the expense of the group, but the group has saved me, personally and the business, so many times, that it is absolutely invaluable.

George and Tracey understand the challenges of running a business because they do it themselves. They are not a franchise.

It's BBB 100% all the way for me.

Dave Plunkett

Partnership Expert | Member Engagement Specialist

Director at Collaboration Junkie

"I've been with BBB for 6 months now and it's had a huge impact. The community they've created is one of real support and I've met people who I now can't imagine not knowing for the considerable future. The close nature of the mastermind groups mean you build really strong relationships and feel comfortable bringing any issue. 

The culture that George and Tracey have cultivated is second to none - and while they're not afraid to challenge you - it's all hugely enjoyable. 

There's also a tonne of content available that's all great as well. 

Highly recommended, just wish I'd joined sooner."  

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Microsoft Practice Director

Database Service Provider

“If you are thinking: “I already run a £1m business, what can you do for me?”, the answer is SO MUCH!

You don’t fully appreciate the impact BBB has until you embark on the journey yourself. I joined primarily for the focus and accountability and got more than I bargained for being able to share thoughts and ideas with people completely outside on my usual circle.”

“This year we have doubled our revenue, we’re making more money and we are more productive as a business and BBB Success Groups has had a significant impact on that.

BBB Success Groups keeps me on track and maintains my focus on where we‘re heading through some of the tough times we have as business owners. Everything I commit to is documented and I am held accountable to what I said I was going to do. My business partner has noticed the renewed vigour and focus and how much tighter we are as a business, dropping the things that are unnecessarily consuming time and focusing on the good stuff. As I’ve become so much more efficient, I can more easily see ways to introduce efficiencies into the business and I am constantly looking at ways to get a better result."

If you are ready, willing and able to take your business on this journey of extreme growth, join us on 19th November 2020

About us

For 10 years, George and Tracey have been working with business owners to overcome the market, the environment and own self-imposed limitations to create the business they want

They have mentored over 500 five, six and seven figure businesses in personal performance and business success.  

They have a passion for business owners actually making money and in 2019 mentored 80 business owners to achieve 20,000 short and long-term goals. 

They are committed to helping business owners achieve the financial success and lifestyle they deserve and are consistently delivering results.