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Will your business still be relevant by 2021?

Broadcasted Wednesday 10th June 9:30 - 11:00


The economic landscape has changed like never before. But has your business adapted to deal with these changes? By the end of the year, will your customers still love you, or have been wooed by someone else? Will your product look fresh and exciting, or be stale and irrelevant? Will the talent pool consider you a go-to business, or somewhere to avoid? In short, will your business still be relevant by the year 2021?


EvolutionCBS, BGI and BBB have come together to discuss this crucial subject. They’re experts in the field of strategic development, preparing businesses for sale, and discovering the right mindsets for achieving sales growth. They’ll explain how to make your business relevant in a turbulent world.

During the 90 minute masterclass you’ll hear from

Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell - CEO of BGI Group Ltd

Ian has built and successfully sold businesses and has a proven track record in transforming companies in turbulent times, including the current Covid-19 virus. Ian will take you through proven strategies to increase value.

Rob Goddard

Rob Goddard -Executive Chairman of EvolutionCBS

Rob has considerable experience in the Financial and M&A Sectors. He’s also a successful business author, having written The 11 Commandments and 7 Cardinal Sins of Selling a Business. Rob will talk about the steps you can take to achieve growth, leading one day to a successful sale.

George Swift

George Swift -Founder of BBB Success Groups

George has been leading groups for 23 years, using neurosciences, evolutionary psychology and proven success methodologies. George will talk about the core strategies to grow your business.

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Selling more.   With fewer leads.
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One of the biggest issues facing businesses right now is how to sell more when customer numbers are falling (in some cases, non-existent), customers are harder to reach, and the process of sales has been turned on its head.

Whatever issues you’re facing, you need fresh perspectives, positive actions and the right mindset to re-engineer your business for growth.

Masterclass details

Wednesday 10th June 9:30 - 11:00, and is hosted by Tracey Miller from BBB.

Tracey Miller

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WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE sessions always fill up